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You Assume Too Much.

You ASSUME that there WILL BE a 'next year'.
You ASSUME that things will continue, as they always have, for this nation (and the world).
You are INTERESTED in an 'EMPIRICAL' way, of seeing the FED getting autited, at a LATER DATE, as if this is some 'mental game'.
You ASSUME that this 'nation' will still be here, next year.

The 'make an ass of you and me' portion of the 'ASSUME' action verb will be lost to you.
HEINLEIN was slightly diluted in his 'mental ability'.
He gave himself over to the 'scientific creationists'.

Yeates was right.
'The center cannot hold.'

"The timing of this audit is critical.
things might be very interesting next year"

The 'moment of criticality' passed us by in 1913. It took only 4 years, to get the 'United States' embroiled in what we call 'World War One',THANKS TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Your crap comments about 'timing' and 'next year' pale in comparison.