Comment: WTF Reid!? Reminds me of a joke...

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WTF Reid!? Reminds me of a joke...

A bus loaded with politicians is driving down a back country road. Suddenly it veers out of control and slams into a bunch of trees in a terrible accident. Only a moment later a local farmer happens upon the scene while motoring his tractor down the road. He does the decent thing...

In time, the local Sheriff arrives to investigate the scene. He sees the smoldering wreck of the bus, a few shoes, bloody earth and of course, tractor tire tracks all over. While pondering the complete absence of bodies, the farmer returns from an adjacent field, riding his tractor. The Sheriff puts two and two together and starts his line of questioning.

"Were you here once already?' asked the Sheriff.
"Yes. I came just after the wreck I suppose." replied the aged farmer.
"Do you know where all the passengers are?"
"Sure do." said the farmer nodding his head back in the direction from which he had just arrived.
"Well! Where are they then?!"
"I buried 'em."
"I says, I buried the..." was all the farmer got out when the Sheriff interrupted "I know what you said!"
Sheriff continued, " I just can't you up an went an buried all them people! I can't believe they all died."
"They didn't all die." said the farmer
"You mean to tell me you buried them folks alive?!"
"Well a few of 'em says they was alive, but, you know how them politicians are."

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin