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Okay, let's say I'm understanding...

...a bit of what you are saying. There is something that you may or may not consider. There are three types of people.
A) One who seeks help and continues to seek help, learns and keeps learning how to function as normal as possible with up and down success but never stops because of the desire to be "better".

B) One who seeks help, but goes on in their continual behavior doing things against the advice of their doctor, therefore deceiving themselves into thinking nothing works.

C) One who is too proud to seek help.

There also must be considered the "doctors". There are those who care deeply in what they do and who are truly skilled at helping the individual who desires it, and those who are in it for a paycheck(in which it can cause person A sometimes years to find the right help).

So what exactly are you proposing to resolve this? What are you proposing to enforce this(if at all). The only option would be for an intelligent individual to come up with a program to teach professionals and those attending school on how to deal with this.

And please, do not answer me in a pompous fashion, like I am a stupid human being. No need to address...Kron says: please, this is not a classroom with a bunch of idiots in which only you hold the key of truth. In speaking of psychology, your negative votes come from how you treat people and not always because one disagrees with everything you say. Be respectful & kind. In love brother=)