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Comment: Free-Market is a Popular-Market

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Free-Market is a Popular-Market

Meaning people "produce" for what most individuals want, they do not create 100,000 units of "something" that only 100 want.

You did not mention "the way" because you were not specific as to which denomination is getting it right -- Religion makes absolutist statements therefore only one "form" of Christianity by your own reasoning is getting it right.

There is no way for religious people to think "respectfully" toward one another because of absolutism -- you cann't be kind in your mind to others if you "know" they are going to hell. You will treat them different then your "saved" friends -- you will not want your children spending time with them; you will educate your children who's going to hell and who isn't.

Or do you say, as many Unitarians or Universalists say that it's okay for gays and lesbians to marry?

Do you believe in Limited Atonement or Unlimited -- does it matter which one a person believes in?

Which Bible is the correct one to read?

I find most Christians can't answer these specific questions because they are trained not to publically point out which denomiations are "getting it" and which ones are not.

Because to "not get it right" is going to Hell.