Comment: Tracking The Trackers

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Tracking The Trackers

I use a great free tool on my desktop thru a mozilla browser called collusion. It`s a free app and if you ever had any doubts about being tracked, this will truly freak you out. When you think about it don`t landlines all go thru a computer at some point during communications? Big Brother is here and thriving and if anyone tells you there is a way to beat this... remember the Buddha on the road. So what happens if you just refuse to play this cat and mouse game with The Powers That Be, they~ve got an RFID chip with your name on it, and i guarantee, a plan to put it in you. Try `collusion` for a glimpse of the future they have planned for everyone.

If every great fortune has a great crime behind it, then the greatest fortunes have the greatest criminals behind them. End the fed!