Comment: Do you really think our masters will set us free?

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Do you really think our masters will set us free?

Get real. This is a slave society. Master Central is the Board room of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The overwhelming majority of politicians in Washington, DC are owned by the various cartels, most notably the banking cartel. The House vote to audit the FED is just theater; if was allowed only to placate the public who agitated for its passage, because those in power knew they could block it in the Senate or as a last resort with an Obama veto.

We are the fools if we think we are going to regain freedom through the peaceful political process. The Ron Paul movement is just the early, peaceful stage of a revolution that will end violently. The next stage will be demonstrations followed by riots followed by guerrilla warfare. We will follow this progression because the economy is entering long term decline because of the instability of the present monetary system and because of the end of the era of cheap energy, aggravated by the arrival of the drought part of weather cycles. As the economy contracts those is power will increase their take in order to maintain their life styles so the burden of less to consume will be placed fully on the backs of the majority. The pain of going along with the present system of plunder and control will soon exceed the pain anticipated from revolution, and the path of least resistance will be revolution or civil war.

As much as I would like to see Tampa be a major advance toward throwing off our chains, complete with demonstrations, confrontation, and disruption, I suspect that it will be just another non event that kicks the rebellion can a little farther into the future.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.