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The Johnson campaign peaked 2 weeks ago when Paulfest was announced.
GJ campaign is in the red and the only way for a third party to win is to run a conservative campaign, and even then its almost impossible to win.
GJ will leave the floor in debt owing others money, no different then newt, bachmann, cain and pawpaw....They took their supporters money and spent more then what they had and now owe printers, planners, staff and organizers to their rallys including space and bldgs rented.
These ignorant candidates all owe for their liberal spending campaigns, and GJ is no different.

additionally and more importantly about gairi,
He completely ignores one of governments most important roles... To protect innocent life, where ever it may be found. and also he is for intervention, SOMETIMES!lol

The est. needs many sides to its rotten big government face.
Gari is the lib side of such "rotten face" obama no longer cuts the lib cake- another needs to be on the stage..., Gairi has fooled a few with his emotional rhetoric and mooched a few of Pauls websites and a few supporters...
BUT. wait for it~
That only makes Pauls minions work that much harder and fight/donate that much more.
Its called blowback.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016