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I hope

That this is the last I will say on the matter. I will not vote for Obama, Romney, Gary Johnson, or Vigil Goode. In short, I will only vote for the senatorial election, congressional elections, state elections, and local elections.

As mentioned with Johnson, I do not think that he understands the need for liberty through decentralization of the power structure to a more local levels; as such, if he saw a bill that would through a strict readinbg, lead to more liberty by putting power in the hands of federal government, he would not veto it, and would fail to see the long term problems. Then, there are a few issues that shape the very core of my outlook on life that I cannot in good conscience vote for him.

Vigil Goode is said to have supported the Patriot Act; I need not say anymore. As for Romney and Obama, they are right on nothing.

No vote in the presidential elections from me, though I can understand why others might not feel that way and I respect their right to do as they wish.