Comment: Perhaps 4 actual citizens post in this thread. You are one

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Perhaps 4 actual citizens post in this thread. You are one

kron wrote:
"And please, do not answer me in a pompous fashion, like I am a stupid human being. No need to address...Kron says: please, this is not a classroom with a bunch of idiots in which only you hold the key of truth. In speaking of psychology, your negative votes come from how you treat people and not always because one disagrees with everything you say. Be respectful & kind. In love brother=)"

The sincere work for accountability, the more sincere they are the harder they work. Your sincerity is showing.

Please accept an apology for riding roughshod over you earlier.

It is absolutely necessary because about 70% of posters anywhere popular are cognitive infiltrators. They use the votes, the sincere use accountability and text=:-) And, it takes time to test the group and find the sincere. I think there are perhaps 4 actual real citizens posting in this thread. The rest, no.

kron wrote:
"The only option would be for an intelligent individual to come up with a program to teach professionals and those attending school on how to deal with this."

Government does not want effective mental health care, so intelligence doesn't matter at that level. What matters is numbers of people simply understanding that government is violating laws to prevent effective mental health care from becoming a reality.

Psychologists and psychiatrists, professionals can learn this just like the Ph.D director recognized the validity of the treatment proposed. These were gov employees trying to follow the law.

This FOIA disappeared from the clerk of the board records within 3 years after being unanswered as I sought the "answer in writing" promised in the letter . A violation of law.

Your approach is correct but premature and presents complexity that disorients. The best thing to do now it get the public to realize the degree of negligence and malfeasance we are faced with.

By default, if we can unify in outrage, (the costs are immense in every way), and demand that municipalities in states with laws like California state health and safety code, 1370.4 immediately begin development of that treatment.

It needs to be open too. We have to watchdog gov with this treatment. They have proven the ARE NOT THE EXPERTS and they ARE NOT ACTING IN OUR INTERESTS. Therefor watch them very closely at each step. this will do our society huge good.

Seriously. The hypnotic scripts that are administered need to be made public. We don't know who they went to or why, but we know what went into their mind AND, if we can improve it in ANY way, we must be allowed to contribute and that would be enforceable by democratic action if need be.
Just having the public understand the script and what it treats is enough to help people to adjust their values an principles to become better people and Americans.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?