Comment: I know you are a good-hearted guy...

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I know you are a good-hearted guy...

...thanks for your response. And I so agree that most mental health care is garbage. I can also see that there are only a few individuals that truly have the heart to help those people. And the ones that find them are very blessed! Someone I know recently gained employment to help teenagers cope in their family lives. This person was doing this on they're own even while a teenager. A true heart for young people, even though the job is risky...going to the homes!

If you do not have a degree in any of these areas, you should! You seem to have a heart for it! I know a handful of people, some present, and some in the past...struggling for good help. Some took years and finally found it. Some are still searching. Some aren't doing as they should. That is why I said what I said, only because I know some people. They have been, for the most part, just very depressed. There is much of that in Michigan...if that makes any sense.

It is sad, and frankly, I don't know how it could be resolved. I also believe if Obamacare isn't put to a halt, it will get worse. However, I have never heard of what you put in that letter. That was 1999! Wow! Just goes to show you! They keep much help for us. Someone recently told me they have found something to completely wipe out cavities, but refuse to release that because of the loss of finances in the first place. I also heard the same with cancer.

Please forgive me, I am not as eloquent with my words as you are!