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First,both pictures show a mole just to the left and down from his lips. Second, the lighting, angle, and contortion of his mouth are different so it is going to look different. Third the different color hair combined with the different style is enough to make anybody look different from one pic to the next all by itself.

The mother identified him. He has been fingerprinted and even if he isn’t in the system I am sure his fingerprints are all over his apartment. So if this guy is a patsy did they sneak him into the real guy’s apartment and have him touch a bunch of things and then pay off the mother and an entire university of people that knew him? Get real. And the guy was studying neuroscience. I’m sure he was intelligent enough to do what he did and where did someone come up with the figure 20k to buy the equipment? Which btw the two guns he bought legally he did so with picture ID as well.

But, and this is the real important part, you conspiracy theorists are making a mockery out of the suffering the victims are going through with this sideshow nonsense. God forbid any of them actually start wondering if this is the right guy over this Internet smoke and mirrors. And the real story is the victims, not all this attention on the shooter or even worse planting a seed that could taint a jury pool. I am all about finding the truth whatever it may be. But this is trampling the truth trying to find a conspiracy.