Comment: No, I don't

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No, I don't

I was brought up in a military family on military bases and raised around guns, knives, old war equipment was our favorite toys. "War" was one of our favorite games played in bunkers and gun holes... I like hunting, so, being I've spent my life around guns, they don't bother me, and I actually feel safer when everyone has one. When everyone has a gun, the idea of shooting someone doesn't pop into mind very often, no matter how good a shot you are, and I'm a very good shot.

Anyways, I have an issue with marginalizing and blaming mental illness as an excuse for gun control as that is what Stalin and Hitler did before saying the same were nothing but eaters and murdered them.

I hope that is not where you plan on going by ignorance of history or insensitivity to what mental illness is. MSM brainwashes people, who many get touched from time to time, just look at the sales of ant-depressents, mood elevators and balancers on TV.