Comment: Ron Paul or none at all...

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Ron Paul or none at all...

It doesn't seem his Campaign staff EVER shared that mentality.

It's going to be a grand celebration in Tampa... That's for sure. But, Benton and the rest were in-it-to-lose-it from the beginning.

What is going to happen at the RNC is already a done deal. There's an outside chance Ron Paul has enough delegates to win the nomination.

Nothing YOU or I can do can change what will happen in Tampa. We are cheerleaders at this point.

99% of the Romney delegates are vetted Establishment Republicans... Good luck waking them up on short notice. They respond to money NOT logic. However, if you do happen to encounter non-Paul delegates PLEASE by all means try to talk some sense into them.

Word of mouth is the grassroots primary tool. We all know the MSM isn't going to help us out. Truth will eventually prevail.

The most likely scenario to occur at the RNC is that Romney will be nominated, and there will be some contemptuous debates on a few proceedings. Does anyone disagree?

The Republican Party is not the only vehicle to seek liberty. As a matter of fact the Republican Party has been a very effective vehicle for usurping our liberty.

I may vote for liberty minded Republicans in local races, but my presidential vote is going to be cast for the Libertarian Party because I truly believe in social tolerance and fiscal responsibility.

You may not care for Gary Johnson based on what information you have been 'exposed' to. However, is Mitt Romney a prime example of conservatism? Candidates sometimes are not cast from a perfect party mold - Johnson is 95% libertarian IMO.

Even if you don't wish to vote for Johnson as a person, at least cast a vote for libertarian principles.

Are you going to support the principles of liberty long term? Or, are you going to become once again disinterested after Dr. Paul is no longer in the spotlight?

The Libertarian Party - although not an Established vehicle - is much less corrupted entity than the GOP. I plan to take over the GOP while I vote for liberty as much as possible?

How about you? Are you a multi-tasker?