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Anyone can make it happen.

In fact, you can make it happen.

Just do what you are telling other people to do.

- Tell them about the letters.
- Help get the delegations talking to each other.
- Do whatever else you think would be of assistance.

B.T.W. Nobody can "make" anything go viral.
It is wishful thinking for people to say this.
If anyone could make something go viral, professionals would dominate the 'viral' scene.

The best that can be done is to plant the seed and see if it takes off.

However, it is probably better to figure out which people actually make the decision or action, and deal with them, rather than rely on a 'viral' message (easily ignored by pressing the monitors 'off' button).

The Liberty movement needs more than attempted viral messages and tweet campaigns.
The Liberty movement needs more real and appropriate action.