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This video has a lot of contradicting evidence discrediting the MSM version. The police dispatcher recording alone CLEARLY discredits the police chief's claim of apprehension of THE ACTUAL suspect in 1.5 minutes. This is insane. After watching this virtually ANYONE could rule this as a staged event, in my opinion. No CCTV from the police cars OR theatre on top of the media or camera ban in court proceedings from here on out is telling in itself. I don't know whether or not this guy having some sort of involvement in 9/11 as well as the coroner he mentions examining the bodies, in this case, having an involvement in 9/11 IS coincidental. Then again.. Both were in New York. Now BOTH are in Coloroado..? You're telling me they needed THIS coroner's assistance specifically. None in Colorado would have sufficed? When too much stuff doesn't add up and all the information given contradicts the evidence recorded from outside alternative sources, interviews, pictures, footage as well as this police chief's statement to be cautious of information you get from alternative media, which is where he admits their investigators typically try to use to help solve cases such as this, he's cautioning US to dicredit what we hear outside of his statements? Didn't Bush say something along the lines of "Let us not question or allege this tragedy as a conspiracy." probably not an accurate quote, but along those lines.