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2nd Amendment

1973 Edition Guinness Book of World records. Crime and Punishment. Greatest Mass Killings.

China - 26.3 million Chinese killed during the regime of Mao Tse-tung.

USSR - 8-10 million victims during the great purge.

Nazi Germany - 4-6 million

It is my understanding that in each of these that gun registrations and/or gun owner registrations were used by the state to systematically disarm the populous, not all at once less the people rise up and defend themselves. Instead one group or neighborhood at a time.

An unarmed populous is a herd waiting for the slaughter.

I'm pretty sure if someone added up all the deaths from guns in this country since we became a nation. Then after subtracting suicides, civil war victims and police shootings, the number would be far less than 4 million.

If someone really cared about shooting victims, ending the war on drugs would be a good place to start or helping your neighbors find solutions to their problems (not government handouts, but neighbor helping neighbor).

Notice the 2nd amendment never mentions guns specifically, the intent was for the citizens to have "arms" capable of taking out a corrupt or over reaching government. In this day and age that would include assault weapons and weapons for taking out drones to mention a few.

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