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I like the sentiment

I don't believe in hero-worship so I guess I would deeply agree with the sentiment.

RP-Folk are Hero-worshipers (by and large)
---Abdicating Voters / Lobbiers
---Abdicating Religious Zealots
---Reformed (but still hero-worshiping) Secularists

People like to put their shoulder behind something or someone -- they do not like to stand-out.

Leaders are not afraid to stand-out. They are not afraid of self-rule.

Typically they are seduced by the power abdicated to them by the voter-populace.

Can there be self-rule, where everyone is a conscious-leader or conscious-consumer (Mises), if they are afraid to stand-out?

This is why I say a true free-market (consumer-sovereignty as Mises wrote about) will not come about until spirituality overshadows religion and the concepts of absolutism (taught by religions) die like weeds along the road.

One can love Christ and be a Spiritualist and be an Individualist.
---All at once
---I think it's what Christ wanted (IMHO)

Christians are a super-hero worshiping group of people -- as are 95% of the world. I am sympathetic to this trend, I mean look at the way men have portrayed Christ (as savior).

If we (as men) can easily see how training people to liberate themselves (economically) by skill-building why would we accept there to be an area of "creation" where that does not apply. I think Christ wanted to teach people to fish not wait for a damn fish to be handed to them.

The free-market will be ruled by the spiritual and by atheists -- people who cannot be "lorded" over.

Do you see the irony now in Lao's quote -- it's an anti-heroworship quote and a reminder to the leader not to take any adulation to heart.