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Cops, detectives, and law

Cops, detectives, and law enforcement agencies never answer all questions during an active investigation/prosecution. Most of them feel it is their job to put the "responsible parties" behind bars, and information is power to lawyers.

Media responds to their bottom line and that is most affected by ratings. If they think that avoiding certain questions is best for their bottom line, they will not ask them. If they think dwelling on the 2nd Amendment and video games cause/don't cause violence debates instead of trying to piece together the most accurate story they can will improve their bottom line, they'll do that.

So, not asking/answering certain questions could indicate conspiracy or, more likely, it means nothing. Corroborating evidence would be necessary to prove an active cover-up and it is difficult to see what such a large number of people would have to gain from such a cover up. It's also hard to see what the "angle" the government would have in instigating a shooting like this.