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Comment: The Purpose of This Web Site:

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The Purpose of This Web Site:

I assume that the purpose of this Web Site is to promote: Restoring Constitutional Government to The United States.

That's what the caption says (at the top) on this Web Site. So let's agree upon that.

The only next relevant question here then is, what candidate who is officially on the ballot in November is carrying those policies forward?

Why then do some people here just sneer and scoff at Gary Johnson, and refuse to support him? Don't they realize that cutting down Johnson just helps the Establishment roll on forward. Wouldn't it be nice to rally enough support here to get Gary Johnson included in the Fall Election Debates? .

That would be a positive thing. But it's as if some people think here that they can't support the only Libertarian running in the 2012 Election, because (irrationally) it would hurt Ron Paul's feelings or something. This is nonsense.

Ron Paul himself chose not to run as a 3rd-Party. And it's also too late for him now to run as an Independent, and go through the hoops to get on all the ballots and qualify.

So the only question that remains is: Do you want to support a candidate who is: anti-Patriot-Act, anti-Drug-War, wants to bring the troops home, anti-NAFTA, would support an audit of the Fed, etc. or do you want Mitt Romney and Obama to go totally unchallenged?

well....?.....(should be an easy question)

If you don't want to see Romney-Obama go totally unchallenged, then we all here need to aggressively support Gary Johnson. It's really that simple.


And, no folks: Write-in names simply are not counted, and not processed in this Country. So dispense with that irrelevant thought.

And just because Rand Paul wants to vote for Romney, does not mean that we all need that blind as well.