Comment: For a while I didn't mind the

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For a while I didn't mind the

For a while I didn't mind the Gary Johnson people around here, but this is getting old.

Dear Johnson fans,

I will not vote for anybody but Ron Paul. He is not a pure enough libertarian. I have met his campaign workers who try to defend his positions. This one staffer spoke pro debt, pro war, and anti gold.

Johnson is not a true libertarian, the libertarian party could have found a better candidate.

Johnson is better than Rombama; however, Johnson is not ready to be president. He needs to learn a bit more before he earns my trust.

Ron Paul is the most fit to be president.

So please Gary Johnson guys, I do not like him and unless he learns a thing or two like Ron Paul, I will never vote for him. When Ron Paul speaks its prophetic. When Johnson speaks, he hurts the libertarian cause.

Please stop wasting your time here, I do not care about Johnson and won't vote for him. I will write in Ron Paul if I have to.