Comment: If Ron Paul doesn't make it,

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If Ron Paul doesn't make it,

If Ron Paul doesn't make it, then GJ isn't going to get past the Republicrats. Bottom line is that he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of overcoming the party machine that RP talks about frequently. Aside from that, GJ has not convinced me to support him based on his positions or his charisma (or lack thereof.) I did not think he himself supported RP and sought to siphon off support from our movement and I think his positions are weak on foreign policy and on some domestic issues. I'm just not enthused by GJ. Yes, he is better than Obama or Romney but if RP doesn't make it, I would just as soon have Obama screw things up further until everyone is so pissed off that they finally stop supporting these phony politicians. So, I will be writing in RP or staying home. I was a lifelong Libertarian...but I am done with the party of ivory tower principles. We need to work within the scope of the party machine and take it over as we currently are. Also, we need to stick with the mission and support our current liberty candidates, delegates, and office holders, not bail on them. Sorry, GJ isn't going to get us any closer to freedom through his prez bid, the Libertarians aren't going to suddenly get anyone in office. I say, why don't the Libertarians join the rest of us as Rs and take over the GOP and the political machine?