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One major reason I won't write-in Ron...

I made this statement on another thread, and since this got bumped thought I'd copy it to this post.


To focus only on one path to victory is a very narrow approach. There is no reason why people can't use our 'precious' time we have now to multitask - to do our best to pursue any path to the GOP nomination for Paul AND to do our best to not have the debates be a jovial forum for Mitt and Obama to discuss how much they agree on everything.

If Ron Paul gets the nomination, Johnson can kiss my rear. Ron Paul is the reason why I ever got involved in the first place. But I also know this 'Movement' can't end with Ron Paul either. Gary

Johnson is MUCH more liberty minded than either Romney or Obama. If you want to make a logical argument to write-in Paul, you would have to argue that GJ is worse on liberty than Romney or Obama. Incrementalism got us into this mess, and Johnson is a damn 'Ace in the Hole' for liberty compared to RObamney. Johnson is MORE than and incremental step back in the right direction. He's a damn leap.

The approach of writing-in Ron Paul defeats your goals with respect to the race for POTUS in the event Ron Paul doesn't get nominated. Romney wins... Obama wins... Then, liberty surely must wait until 2016... Maybe longer if Romney pulls off a 'November Miracle.'

Truth be told - as far as the POTUS race is concerned - Johnson is the liberty movement's best shot.

As far as concerns with Johnson's foreign policy, I would concern myself with the bigger picture - which GJ has said that he would NEVER take military action without declaration by Congress (same argument Paul gives). Johnson says he wants to IMMEDIATELY pull the troops from Afghanistan, and he understands that Iran is NOT a threat to the US.

If either Romney or Obama get into office, McCain will be gleefully singing bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran as he watches the first missiles land on television Iraq-war-style within the term of the next presidency. Johnson on the other hand WON'T.

But I guess EVEN if a Johnson presidency could save a few thousand military lives by avoiding a war with Iran, writing-in Ron Paul is still the liberty minded thing to do.