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Comment: Sure -- the "masters" of all religions or mystic traditions

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Sure -- the "masters" of all religions or mystic traditions

probably were all "peers" to one another (or for all that I know).

However -- to Christian "absolutists" Lao was a false-prophet and the Dao De Ching is a work of heathen paganism.

That's not my opinion -- it is theirs.

Heck -- Depending on the school of Protestantism all other forms of Protestantism is wrong and wrong in absolution-seeking terms means "straight to hell" -- As is true for Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism (etc); all going to Hell (forever) according to any branch of Protestantism and all the others feel the same way about Protestantism.

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes" Obi wan Kanobi