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Depends on

Depends on the context and situation I believe. Two simplified examples just came to mind: football for example the, some of the better team owners, general managers and even coaches don't always get recognition, rather the players are the ones who get the glory when the team wins super bowl. I mean really quick who is the New York Giants team president? Who cares, but he's behind the scenes to construct a winning team. However in other cases, like ours if we didn't have a the good Dr. Ron Paul to rally and lead us, to an extent would we even be here on the Daily Paul? If he hadn't ran back in 2007 how many of us would have been educated about the ideas of liberty and how many of us would truly understand what a Libertarian is? Dr. Paul that has inspired us as people to come together to hold our government more accountable but it took the leadership of Ron Paul to inspire us and that's a really good thing.