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That "they" is supposed to be "we"...

"The concept of ownership by the people and management by federal, state and provincial governments is known as the public trust doctrine of wildlife. It’s one of the reasons why this country enjoys the greatest diversity, quality, and quantity of game animals and other wildlife in the world. The idea dates back to when America defeated the English during the Revolutionary War. When wildlife was transferred from the King to the new government and thus to the people, it nullified the centuries-old European model where wildlife was privately owned and hunting was reserved for the upper class. Since then, a series of Supreme Court rulings have firmly established the public trust as it relates to this country’s wildlife."

from an article here:

So the wildlife is supposed to belong to everyone. Of course, if your property is being harmed
by wildlife you should have some latitude to deal with the problem. This is why shooting of bison
that wander out of Yellowstone has been allowed - they are supposedly a threat to ranchers'
cattle herds.

OTOH - the other "owners" of wildlife have a stake and say in what happens to it. Thus it would
be reasonable to say, for example, that you can't kill the last flock of passenger pigeons on the
planet even if they happen to be roosting noisily in your front yard and crapping on the driveway
and you find it really annoying...