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Marriage is a vow between two people. I so NO reason government needs to demand it has it's blessing on a relationship. Screw the government marriage. Ok....if the government needs some sort of cohabitation them ALL civil unions in the eyes of government....keep marriage sacred and between two people and keep the state OUT. Gay..Strait...I don't care...

And - I agree the liberal "special rights" people are out of control...and they do exercise "hate" when condemning someone for speaking their mind... The owner of Chic-fil-a should not be bashed because of his opinion...and CERTAINLY no slimy government official (like Rom Emanuel) has the right to discriminate on behalf of all the citizens of Chicago! If people don't want to eat there...fine...but it is NOT governments role to be the gay police. Besides...the owner of Chic-fil-a did not say he was going to turn obviously looking gay people away and not serve who is the real hater here????