Comment: Why are you talking discrimination?

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Why are you talking discrimination?

There was no discrimination on his part. He never said he wouldn't serve or even hire a homosexual. He merely stated his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. You are a perfect example of what I am talking about. You are the one who is against free speech. You are the one who supports POLITICALLY CORRECT speech. You are the one who discriminates by saying that the "Church" has no rights and this man cannot speak his mind without fear of reprisal.

You hear "separation of church and state" constantly from the liberal left but they don't believe that for one moment. They want government control of religious teaching and that is what you support with your comments. They want to quiet any opposition to their agenda be it from the religious right or just sensible people in general.

But the fact is that the constitution never says "separation of church and state" what it says is that government cannot pass any law creating a state church or that abridges the right of people to practice their religion. And by trying to force and unholy same sex marriage they are defying that amendment. Actually they did that when they took the act of marriage from the church and made it a responsibility of the state. And they are in fact trying to force a change in the church and the holy institutions that are prescribed therein. Just as the liberal left has done for centuries.

Where does your forced association end? Where does your government coercion stop? And what the heck is "negative discrimination"? Is that like reverse racism or homophobia or people of color? Sounds like more made up liberal buzz words and propaganda to me.