Comment: fluorine molecule is smaller than water molecule

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fluorine molecule is smaller than water molecule

... making it impossible to filter fluorine, though the larger fluoride salt molecules can be partially removed through reverse-osmosis or activated alumina filters. Fluoridated water runs through the water cycle polluting the entire globe. It's in everything and hard to remove. Green tea plant concentrates fluoride.The only real option is to go after the government as hard as possible in forums, council meeting 3-minute public comments, letters to the editor, call-in comments, and possibly certain types of lawsuits. The government is slow-killing you and it's time to realize you are under attack and attack back jack!

Just focusing on fluoride alone is an incomplete view of a very big problem: The Halogen Deception.

While government-backed iodized ( and completely unhealthy due to no mineral content ) white salt was sold as a public health benefit, in reality Americans are now so severely iodine-deficient that they are experiencing a wide-spectrum of diseases. The government simultaneously phased-in more and more competing halogens: chlorides, fluorides, and bromides. Now these toxins are in everything and due to the iodine-deficiency these harmful halogens are wreaking havoc throughout your body.