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Both, Kendra's Law and Laura's Law

were implented into State an county governments by people who were accused of employing assult weapens and murdered people.

It is being established by MSM articles that focus on murders blaming the perpetrator for having mental illness.

In my County, last year, Aaron Bassler was accused of murdering two high profile people. The first was Matt Coleman, a popular State Parks Interpreter, who was the president Mendocino Land Trust, where he found an illegal marijuana grow, a week later, another popular, ex-mayor of Fort Bragg, CA, Jere Melo, who worked for Campbell Timber Industry was called to the scene of not just a marijuana grow, but an opium poppy feild, that was when two witnesses saw Aaron bassler murder Jere Melo. The next week, another 20 miles North, another person was shot at an illegal marijuana grow and Aaron was again accused, and then when people asked how the hell he could run so fast, MSM dropped the third story.

The county, state and federal forces occupied a 60 mile area for a month seeking Aaron Bassler, who was living out doors. After a month he was shot to death, His father said he tried to get Aaron help but the mental health system would not help him.

Jim Bassler, Aaron's father, took a seat on the board of supervisors mental health committee, and with district wide comments and demands, Laur's Law was being forced onto the community with all opposition being snuffed out.

I sought a seat on the committee, still am, and wrote against Laura's Law, as I don't believe Aaron would have been eligible, and I don't like the law as it's about saving money, not saving lives, and it actiually doesn't save money, but puts the costs on the courts, as it puts inncocent people who are being accused of being mentally ill under court orders.

I agree with you that doctors, nurses, and patients and not being taken into consideration when it comes to mental health. Many options that should be available that would cost very little by compasision to hospitalization and prison, are being overlooked and underestimented.

This is a topic, many people, as your article and responses reflect, do not want to talk about it, which makes more victims of everyone concerned.

Of course the fight to implement Laura's Law in my community is ramping up by those who thought the Aaron Bassler case would make it a shoe in. Fourtunately, our Sheriff and DA are Ron Paul Republicans who appreciate resources from our community such as these working in the mental health feild that claim, Aaron Bassler was not mentally ill but a criminal, though he never had his day in court, so he's actually accused of something, he may not have done.

I am not too familiar with your study on unconscious mind vs consciousness, except my shallow understand of Id, Super Ego, Ego, and writing by those who experimented with psychedelics.

It's interesting and I'm sorry our government has gotten in the way of actually helping people administer better mental health care by those who have studied and taken an interest and found what could be solitutions.

Thank you for your contributions!