Comment: On the length of my letter

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On the length of my letter

Several have commented that it is too long. A reminder of the context for this letter, to understand why length does not matter.

This is not a letter to the editor or an internet blog or a media press release, this is a personal letter. It is from me, representing no one other than myself, saying the things that I need to say, to two fellow state party members who have taken it upon themselves to attempt to throw out my votes and the thousands of votes of my fellow Mainers, I suspect, to change the results of an election of which they did not like the outcome.

As I mentioned in the letter, if they consider themselves in such a position to yank me and all the other delegates that those thousands of Mainers turned out to vote for, then they are morally responsible to answer to all of the questions that myself, my fellow delegates and ANY Maine Republican have for them on why their votes should be ignored and what the consequences of that action are.

Will they not read it? If they are truly corrupt, and this is about winning at the sake of the party, then no... they would not read it or consider its content whether it was one sentence or 100 pages. Because they frankly don't care what anyone else thinks, and they earnestly believe that they are entitled to get what they want no matter who they screw over. That is what corrupt people do.

But if they are honest players, then they will read it, and will respond in good faith, and try to engage the party members that are upset with them on a way to make sure the rules are being followed.

However since Ciancette was actually running the Romney campaign in Maine, then Nedjedly was presumably acting under his direction to cheat at the convention, and thus he is likely not a good guy, does not care what his actions do to step on Maine Repubs, the party, the delegates or me... and then the letter merely stands as an indictment against him... whether he reads it or not.