Comment: under attack of our own paranoia

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under attack of our own paranoia

I have yet to see any evidence that there is an organized effort to bring about the demise of Ron Paul's presidential campaign via a mass infiltration of this website. It is always "they"...who are to blame, who are "they" now? Who runs their organization with such an iron fist and is so covert that not one of "their" operatives would dare break rank and leak this information to us? Obama's? Santorum's? Romney's? the DNC or the RNC? It is my experience that the "covert" types of organizations that we should really fear do their dirty work in broad daylight because they know they can get away with it.
It is my opinion that WE are our own worst enemy. We have a reputation for having a rowdy "fringe" element that is hard to control and is considered a public liability from our own campaign leaders. Although I feel that the element of Ron Paul supporters that act offensively in public are a minority, and every political party has them, this is the double edged sword that Paul's campaign failed to utilize to advantage.
Ron Paul publicly stated himself that he was no longer actively campaigning and he also said in a recent interview that Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee. If certain people interpret the writing on the wall to mean that Romney will win the Republican nomination and they want to drum up support for Johnson, I do not consider that offensive, especially since "people in the know" here on the Daily Paul claim that Ron Paul's real agenda was not to win the presidency, but to change the national dialog and/or the Republican party. It seems as though we are shooting within our own tent out of hypersensitivity. A large percent of people on this site were wholeheartedly for Ron Paul as president, yet when people cannot see Paul's path to win the nomination they are demonized. If Paul's campaign has hidden cards that they dare not reveal for reasons of cannot turn around and blame us poor simple mouth breathers for making decisions based on the information that we have. When the campaign wanted money I gave, when it came time to make phone calls I called, I traveled, I have helped delegates and and when Ron Paul posted a video inviting us to his Tampa rally I made plans to attend. What I will not do however, is to blame other liberty minded people on this website for undermining Paul's campaign because they discuss issues that imply that Paul may not win the Republican nomination. Why is it that those who believe that Jesse Benton has a yet to be revealed secret plan to win, are the most insecure about honest dialog?