Comment: Get more of your information from elsewhere then the

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Get more of your information from elsewhere then the

DailyPaul. This isn't propaganda, I don't even have a specific agenda but to draw attention that Western Europe will be majority Muslim within the next few decades. This is a significant shift in our world and our children's world and is significant to the United States interests. If you dont think everything happening in Europe and the Middle East is of US interest, then you are denying reality of the fact of our foreign policy.

The MORE sources I research, the more I realize that the world's lone superpower should be asserting its interests, that is if you want to remain a superpower. Cut the welfarism, end the wars, I am fine with that, but support Christianity, our allies in the Middle East and Western culture.

And let this thread die out for what reason? You'd rather talk about Dr. Paul's non-existent chance at the nomination? Or THE 12 YEAR OLD TASED AT VICTORIA SECRET... Don't get me wrong this is bad, but cmon, press charges against the taser and move on.

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