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but even some ron paulers are as blind as obmaney(obama/romney) voters. You got negative rep'ed for suggesting or typing gary, probably a theocrat negative voting you or a ron paul purist who will not grasp reality if the gop does not nominate ron paul. Either way I love the fact gary offered and said this. The folks neg repping folks for even mentioning gary even though we support ron paul 110% are basically reminding me of the right wingers i dislike so much in the gop.Pretty much the reason i never joined the gop until i heard Ron Paul. keep up the good work in your state. I am over these ron paul purists who for some reason are going to vote obmaney or for a theocrat. Gary haters i guess will vote obama,romney or goode.

Ron Paul 2012 if the gop nominates him. If not i will support Gary over Obamney. My goal to get gary on debate stage and elected if Ron Paul is not an option.

Ron Paul 2016