Comment: Explain to me...

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Explain to me...

how any liberty minded candidate could be against the message put forth by this ad.

The ad simply make the case that Gary Johnson has a much more liberty minded plan than either Romney or Obama. Can anyone argue that Romney or Obama is better on liberty than Johnson?

Most of those down-voting this thread do so only because they wish to keep the liberty movement splintered.

The R's and D's realize that Ron Paul has awoken ~20% of the electorate. These people are up in the air. As time goes on, it is becoming more and more apparent that these people don't like Romney OR Obama.

The only remaining strategy for the power brokers to pursue is to try and divide the movement and smear its vote over several different places - Romney & write-ins - and hope to hell that the Movement doesn't coalesce behind Gary Johnson.

If they do, Gary Johnson automatically has 20% of the electorate PLUS disenchanted D's and R's.

So Daily Paulites I ask again, who has motive to defame Gary Johnson?