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The mistake these people have made was to under estimate technology.

There is video, audio, email, taped conversations, witnesses and everything under the sun that will one day be used against them.
The establishment does not yet realize that this type of technologhey CAN NOT BE ERASED!lol
Where theyve made their mistake is in thinking this will take 10-15 years to get the truth out fully, this is what theyre used to...Kennedy, Tonkin, WW1 and 2.. and on and on.. They think they csn hide from todays technology!lol
It will take only a few months once the story gets rolling and one bad thing happens after another.
When you build a house of cards on a faulty foundation, one little shake and it all comes down.
and the establishment more then anyone else should remember, the bigger they get, the harder the club will fall on their corrupted little heads.
They are seeking to make the fight bigger and they are fewer!!!lol
their corruption and greed blinds them to honest facts. They have been working within a secret cabal and not used to people peering in at them.
The technology now here allows just that.

The entire time they have been watching us, ironically enough should have been time spent covering up their crooked tracks. They are sloppy, old and tired. They are confused at the technology that surrounds them and dont understand it. The kids get in front of them, catch their ignorance and YOUTUBE it INSTANTLY. They do not and can not recognize the importance of this...
They will have no where to hide. Hacking the Iphone in less then 24hrs of its release?? Hacking a spy drone over American skys in less the a week and for under $1000??? ask DeLay.. He had to dance. A dancing pig to save his face.. Ask Weiner or Walsh. ask Ney and Vitter, and Craig.. Even others see technology take their friends down, right in front of them~ and do not see they are next!
If it werent so sad, it would be mind bending FUNNY to watch.
They do not see clearly. DHS was beside themselves when that drone was hacked... an iraqi 12 yo can make an ied out of a cell phone in LESS THEN A MONTH! what does this say????

Their days are numbered and they know it.
They have been caught by the oldest of conspiracies. greed and LUST for power has led them to their OWN waterloo. and its been ARCHIVED FOREVER, because one day the truth will come to all Americans and that will be their end.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016