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We needed a proof of concept.

Up until recently the popular impression was that only the corrupt could succeed in electoral politics (and any less-than-totally-corrupt would be corrupted in the attempt or fail). So most good people didn't try.

The post-WWII federal government, under the two party system, was 'way overgrown and bloated. With the North Korea and Vietnam adventures, the co-option of the Democratic Party by the Progressive movement, the Republican by a string of war-mongers from the McCarthyites to the Neocons, the consolidation of the mainstream news outlets in a handful of conglomerates, and the suppression of all non-establishment candidates by character assassination, this idea was general. Thus the public was apathetic. Even many of the libertarian radicals of the sixties and seventies had thrown in the towel.

Despite it all, during this period Ron Paul was able to succeed. He did this by wisdom, persistence, and (most of all) integrity. He provided the proof-of-concept to break through the illusion and turn the situation around.

The media blackout kept most of us from knowing about him - beyond the fact that there was a doctor in The House. With the rise of the Internet it became possible to bypass the mainstream media. But the Internet also brought up the noise level. To "go viral" the "liberty can succeed" meme needed a central event. He provided that, with his runs for the Presidency.

IMHO, perhaps to the contrary of Lao Tsu's insights, the best leaders also know when they MUST come forward and be noticed to accomplish what is needed.

But you will also notice that his official organization seems inept, doesn't tell us what to do, and is often flamed for this. So the mass of the Ron Paul movement, along with the Liberty movement he inspired, seed-funded, and introduced to the philosophers who went before him, make their OWN plans and carry out their OWN activities.

He convinces, not by bald assertion, but by pointing out what's important, explaining how it works, and letting his students check for themselves until they understand, agree, and can go further on their own. He leads, not by ordering, but by going on ahead and succeeding. He inspires, not by glitz, charisma, and hypnotic tricks, but by being honest, living his ideals, making them work, and showing us how we can do even more of the same and achieve our OWN goals. This is HOW libertarian "leadership" works.

So if - no, WHEN - we succeed, we will be able to truthfully say that we DID do it ourselves. Ron inspired us - as he was inspired by others before him. This is not HIS revolution - it is the revolution of ALL of us. As it grows and succeeds he will be just one of many exceptional participants who made it happen.

And thus, even by Lao Tsu's standard, he will rightfully have his place among the "best leaders". B-)

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.