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Absolutely I see this!

They hope I'm going to say, "Well you guys are fucking cheaters, liars, sick warmongering assholes and your party sucks so Fuck YOU and Fuck off!!!"

They are really wishing and hoping I would do that.

But I don't.

Instead, I just keep showing up, and asking questions, like:

Excuse Me, Mr's Chair, but so and so has missed three consecutive meetings, and acording to your rules, our by-laws, they can be removed, so I would like to move that they are removed and I replace them, or so and so RP GOP replaces them."

Excuse me Mr. Chair, but what is this issue under New Business, that appears as an order? Under Roberts Rules of Order, it should be on the agenda, not New Business and we should have a discussion, a motion, a second, and a vote. Are we goin to follow Roberts rules of order, or is there a new plan that I am not aware of?"

Excuse me Mr. Chair, But since we do not have a quorum, I should be able to invite anyone to take those seats who is qualified, correct?"

I don't stop. Three people have quit. Now I hear I have a new Ron Paul memeber bringing our team up to 6. 6 of us, 5 of them.

guess who's winning playing by the rules?