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Take back the republic

If you weren't already aware of it, please check out:

People have properly filed to run for Committeeman across NY State, but we are largely being shut out because of a corrupt power base in both major parties. Most committeeman positions in NY State (there are 16,400 of them) are vacant, and many of those that are filled have appointed -- NOT elected -- "town committeemen" or "members of the county committee." So we have filed a lawsuit against the NYS Board of Elections. We are being disenfranchised (not allowed to run), and the people are not truly being represented (appointed "committeemen" answerable to party leadership instead of elected committeemen answerable to the people).

I am in Dutchess County, and this is also my first foray into the political process. Some folks involved in this initiative are in Rockland County.

We have bi-weekly (sometimes weekly) online meetings.

Check us out! And I wish you great success in getting involved!