Comment: Got to Reach the National Delegates.

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Got to Reach the National Delegates.

This is the same tactic I have been advocating as well.

We can't let Ron Paul supporters get suckered into another......

" Oh, we lost the presidency but it's ok....we'll get em next time ! "

.....cheerleader tactic that only benefits the RNC/GOP and their anointed choice for Nominee.

Yeah...that's right. ANY talk about a strategy that does NOT advocate getting the National Delegates to kick the RNC/GOP in the balls on live television at the Tampa Convention by refusing Romney and voting for Paul instead on the first round is a strategy that favors the RNC/GOP and that cannot be tolerated.

Ron Paul lost in 2008 because everyone gave up right at the end instead of doing what SHOULD of been done. Grab all the national delegates by the scruff of the neck, shake an ounce of sense into their heads and turn them loose on the Convention floor to vote for Ron Paul.

And this year, it's the same lame ducks promoting the same lame strategy again.

" Don't disturb the convention. Don't make waves. Don't threaten the future of our delegates in the GOP. "


Find those delegates and make them see the light. I don't care if it takes methods ranging from holding up picto-graphs pointing out the clear evidence showing Ron Paul being a Conservative and Romney being a Communist to beating them with sand filled rubber hoses but you do what you gotta do to break them out of their GOP induced retardedness.

Romney is NOT a conservative and he wasn't the damn choice of conservatives. The GOP CHOSE him FOR them and that is wrong.

The Delegates need to fix this and they need to shame and embarrass the GOP while doing it. And they do that by dismissing any hope for a Romney Coronation and handing the nomination to the rightful winner and Republican Presidential Nominee... Ron Paul.

Any talk of a plan that doesn't promote this Delegate Strategy at the convention will clearly point out to everyone here on the DP exactly who the Romney Trolls are.

They will be the ones trying to trash the Delegate Strategy and try to convince all of us that letting Ron Paul fail at the convention and NOT standing up to the GOP is the best thing to do.

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