Comment: I LOVE SOS

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Never had chipped beef on sourdough before, sounds yummy. Is that served with pickles?

I used to serve Sour Dough pancakes at my Cafe, Hummingbird Cafe in Springville CA (When my lease was up for renewal the landlord decided to let it to a relative, and the business, under a new name folded in less than a year). CA LOVES it's sourdough.

Of course you and Susan are in my prayers, and as for your recent disposition, the way I see it, we all have an a-hole and take our turns being one. Ironic how some folks call a bowel movement, a "Constitution". (chuckle)

You just be YOU BMWJIM.

I love you, and will call first before I show up at your door for SOS sourdough. ;))