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Ah Cher

I so happen to have a big bowl of home made sausage and chicken gumbo in my refrigerator, as I have been eating it since yesterday, and it's soooo good, I'm looking forward to having it for dinner.

I start with a dark roux, also, when I attended University Southwestern Louisiana, I learned to make green gumbo, which many folks know nothing about. Crawfish Pie, Jambalya, File Gumbo.. boy do I mess Professor Longhair.

When I moved up to Springville, near Lindsay, what used to be the Olive capital of CA, (I was born in San Diego, La Mesa) there was a little farm stand, Carin's Corner, that catered to cowboys.. he had a huge selection of cajun food, and I asked him, "Cher, why do you have all this cajun food?" And he tells me about the connection between Louisiana and CA, horses and cows (from race horses to cattle drives). Made me think of Jesse Colin Young, who I think understood that connection.

So I hope you have yourself a good crock where you can give your starter all the peace and quiet it needs while it feasts and farts what will become the best sourdough any S for a S ever laid on, Cher.