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Very Powerful

It is very important for people to remember the power of thought. Even more important, is to be aware of your emotions. We are energetic beings constantly interacting with and giving off energy. It moves through us just as thoughts move through our minds. With our will we can think of any image we want. Any situation, place, person, pet, etc.—simply anything that makes you FEEL good. Practice enough to just remember what a positive emotion feels like physically. Usually located around the solar plexus, just at the base of the heart and it often radiates throughout the body.

It needs to be practiced because we have been led away from it for so long. Too many things have disconnected us from our own instinct—emotion—e-motion—energy in motion.

The best part is when you can visualize while being in a state of positive emotion, that's powerful. Focusing your thoughts and emotions into a harmony of desire.

Does the vision of Ron Paul winning the presidential election feel good to you? The more of us focus on that the better.

ONE person in tune, is more powerful than millions who are not. With our numbers, we've already begun to breathe life into that vision! Things are unfolding in strange ways that seem to work in favor of liberty. Do not feel ill will towards anything just focus on the vision.

Ron Paul will be president. I feel it!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin