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AnCap -- Libertarianism is NOT built on "AnCap" Theories

of NAP -- That is just not true.

There are different types of Libertarians and Rothbard did not coin that term nor create that society.

Mises did not agree with NAP -- He was in favor of "value-free" analysis. That is just fact, as well.

I'm not a "Randian" -- I could not get past Ayn's first chapter -- I've watched a few old videos with her on them, but that's it. Not interested in "hero-worship" of anykind.

Your "soft-shoe" on religion is an imagination (it is a view absent recorded history) -- A person who thinks you are going to the worst place imaginable forever (to be torn apart again and again, to have the flesh burnt off you again and again for all eternity) is not thinking "peaceful" or "trusting" or "non-aggressive" thoughts toward you.

If NAP does not begin in the mind and heart then it is already seeking absolutist solutions based on unionized force-agency (as all human history shows religious people to do).

Spiritual-Individualists are not the same as Religious-Absolutists.

Mises did not accept many of Rothbard's views.

Value-Free Analysis is mutually exclusive to NAP (according to Mises)