Comment: We are talking about two different "imagined possibilities"

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We are talking about two different "imagined possibilities"

The internet?

#1 Cut off supply chains -- no more battery manufacturing or delivery

#2 Cut off electricity

#3 Re-task Satelites

Internet Dead in 1 or 2 months.

Water Control?

#1 Control major metropolis water supply
---Water supply is PREDOMINATELY Rivers and Lakes (these are easy to control -- you do not need a lot of troops)

#2 Destroy or Cap man-made water delivery systems
---In the city I live it would take a few hours to shut down the water and 1 day (maybe two) for civilians to empty the lines.

#3 In non-metropolis areas (where the predominate militia strong holds would be) use satelite imagining to get an idea of base camps; use fire to scare game out -- let them hold up in these zones on a vegetarian diet of grasses and greens and nuts. People would walk out in one months time (especially the children).

#4 Controlling supply-chain means no bottled water too

Control Heating Fuel and Electricity

No fuel for generators

No fuel for coal or oil heaters

Control supply-chain so logging does not get through

So yeah you are right -- the "hardcore" will survive. But not most women, children, most modern teens, and many from Gen-X who are out-of-shape (let alone Baby-boomers or older).

So yeah, a few will survive that -- many will die and 90% will comply.

I don't think this will happen -- I'm just saying that "guns" will not win a modern civil war.

If you want to win a modern civil war then you must "localize" all those "necessities" and return "authority" to the local sherriffs who run regular drills with its citizenry to prepare to defend their lands-assets-property.

Less than 1% of 1% of 1% are prepared for that reality.