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Maybe you do not recognize the phrasing?

Depending on the branch of Protestantism you follow you will belief in either Limited Atonement or Unlimited Atonement.

I understad -- I find most Christians are quite slippery when it comes to "absolutism" -- they are absolutists but to appear "open minded" they do not like to be held to their positions.

Are you empathetic to the 10 billion or so souls who will die (in the next 100 years) and will burn forever in Hell -or- Are you indifferent (meaning you don't think too much about it)?

If I truly believed that 10 billion people (souls) would be tortured in hell forever and ever (many family members and friends) and I would not (because of a "pact" I made) I would be distraught -- seriously distraught; I think it might cause psychosis, because I am deeply empathetic to peoples minor sufferings (which is why I chose not to read or watch the news).

My daughter bumped her head pretty hard a few months back and was fading in and out of consciousness and I was worried sick.

I could not imagine "knowing" that 10 billion people would be in the grips of the most un-speakable torture (by the decree of their Father-Creator) for ever and ever?

Even more cruel than that realization would be if I was "in-different" to it (meaning I rarely thought of it); as it would be impossible for me to imagine being indifferent to a "little" pain my daughter is going through, let alone her sould burning forever and ever?

So -- are you perpetually distraught (chillin in the bliss of Christ) or indifferent to the plight of billions (knowing you and your's are "saved")?

Or will you take the 5th on that one too -- I can NEVER get Christians to honestly answer those ones: Are you Perpetually Distraught or Mostly Indifferent? Regarding the fate of 10 billion people over the next 100 years.