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Sorry my friend, the only

Sorry my friend, the only Christians who really love Israel and Zionism is the heretical cult of Dispensationalists that believe in the prophecy of the Jews. problem with this is its at odds with historical Christianity that preaches supercessionism - the Jews lost all claim to a covenant with God when they rejected Christ. I'm not even a Christian and I know this. Christianity has historically been at odds with Judaism, even though technically it grew out of it. "Judeo-Christian" is a fabricated term invented and used in the U.S. so Jews can manipulate gullible Christians. Stop being so afraid of the Muslims/Arabs and realize that the Western world and the indo-European peoples are in such a precarious situation because they've been infected with a virus that has given them liberal values. Israel is a pariah, rogue state that behaves viciously and their leaders are nothing but war-mongers. THEY ARE SALIVATING for an attack on Iran right now, and as long as they have our country to rely on and back them up they will continue to be bullies. they are nothing but tribal supremacists that hypocritically have attacked any form of European nationalism - theirs is the only acceptable form of white "ethnic interests" to be pursued, because if Gentiles do it we are "racist" thanks to the Jewish media/cultural marxist enslavement of the masses. If you think they are the chosen people you are sick in the head. look at the comments above, see who is getting voted up and voted down.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.