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"Which choices work toward God's work?
Is that the point?"
I do not understand those questions.

Take any choice, such as choosing to speak publicly about the evil people taking power from all the victims at the National level of government here in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), or mowing the grass.

Which choice is God's work?

Don't mow the grass.

Don't speak out against the certain, measurable, palpable, evil at the top of our supposed government.

That was my point.

What is THE point?

Accept having our power stolen and then used to steal more, used to torture innocent people, used to mass murder.

Is that the point?

We are witness to this right here, right now.

We pick up our pens. We choose to start standing in between the criminals and the victims.

We are The Friends of Liberty.

That is the point - to me.

Know better, knowing worse costs way too much.