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Wow, finally an intelligent & sincere gun rights activist!

Thanks very much for that accounting in Mendo. I know the area and watched the Bassler case unfolding knowing that the treatment I proposed in 1999 was probably something very applicable to his psychosis. Hoping he would be captured so I could communicate with his father enabling him to work there to get that county to implement CHS 1370.4 as I tried here only to have state and federal courts blocking me by the deprivation of right and secret revisions of local court rules.
He was obviously a competent individual in his derangement, having evaded authorities so long, meaning a set of beliefs, obsessions, fears and angers, alienations etc. kept him behaving as he did. That mental competency is what made it possible to frame him as a criminal and execute him. And, I too wondered about the shooting a distance away attributed to him.
Imagine had the alternative treatment been available and publicized and he knew of it before his episode escalated to murder. We had 2 mass murders here by people in the same situation. One used a car rather than a gun, killing 4 in 2000. The woman with a gun shot 6 in the post office (2006) becoming the largest mass murder in history commited by a woman. Both sought help with the county MH DEPT. which could only medicate them, which gets old and they reject it, then get psychotic rather than be drug zombies.
I've had friends that were handled the same way here in Santa Barbara and they had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Jailed over and over, never treated in any effective manner, they committed suicide.
Your recognition of "Id, Super Ego, Ego," is actually a more competent basis than psychology currently entertains on the face of what they do. Combining that with a comprehension of instinctual drives integrated into socialization is really all a person needs for their compassion to turn into effective understanding for a number of mental disorders.
Granger wrote:
"It is being established by MSM articles that focus on murders blaming the perpetrator for having mental illness."
Yes, probably the most on-topic statement in the thread. Meanwhile here in Santa Barbara, the "MSM" newspaper was bought by a questionable entity that proceeded to block publication of info about my lawsuit in aid of governmental evasion, neglect and deprivation of right by courts.
I know that meth is a huge problem in rural northern Cali, and that the treatment proposed can actually address that serious addiction in an effective way. Please share those 2 documents with activists for lawful government in your county so this aspect can be gotten out of the mix of issues.
The MH letter of de-facto approval.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?