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Did I say "moral" or talk about "morality"

There is NO SUCH thing as "just war" -- There are sides, yes, and both believe they are in the right -- whether the long-run right or the short-run right.

History has shown that might makes right.

WWII was not black-n-white -- it was just sold that way.

Either two camps of wealthy people fought each other (ideologically) -- meaning there was winners and losers (financially) at the end -OR- most all wealthy people "made out" well (regardless the country or ideology).

Regardless it's always wealthy people fighting the way that benefits them.

Same is true for any "civil-war" and they can always (according to all world history) find sell-outs in the lower ranks to aid them in "take-over" or "regime-change"

Besides your argument shows that "hostile takeover" cannot happen owing to reasons beyond guns in the hands of civilians.