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Rev Bess "authority" is based on what?

The Moody Bible College?

I DO NOT accept "authorities" on topics (if given any other genre would be rejected on sight) that can be surmised as psycho-emotional or hyper-imaginative.

Does that make sense -- that one "should not" accept authority on such fantastical topics?

A D&D Historian (considered the best among his peers) could articulate a better history for his fantasy-genre then could any historian could on the "life" of Jesus. This goes without question given the ability to fact check against all claims, but also because it is better conceived with 1000’s of accepted view points and open-source debate platforms. The latter does not exist among Christendom, save in the last 20 or 30 years.
***D&D = Dungeon and Dragons

The article you sent, while I agree with its sentiment (that Jesus was a forgiving-based healer and not a vengeance-is-mine "healer"), the basis for Bess argument is on two fallacious premises: 1) that the "true" Jesus is the opposite of Paul's accounts (which means the "authoritative" basis for all Christian Sects is false) and 2) that Josephus was absolutely without false-hoods or embellishments in "his-own" record of the life of Jesus.

If you or Bess are correct instead of ending peoples dogmatic blind psycho-emotive belief system it would only offer another in its place.

This is a perfect example -- I would be unaware of Bess' argument had I not followed your recommendation to go read it, which was softly and deftly requested.

Now -- how many were introduced by "force" into religion -- how many people and cultures were destroyed to make room for religion?

Those are the bookends -- Softly Requested (meaning there's a choice) or Forced-Compliance.

If people were "silent and humble" religion would of died out ions ago.

But they can't be quiet because of the absolutist positions -- you'll go to hell if you don't x, y, and z. If I believe said reasons I would be the most horrible person imaginable for not warning others

All the "low-hell importance" religions have people who have lived under the rule of others (and horrifically so) for ions.

While all the "high-hell importance" religions have been the one's ruling (others) or going through periods of waste-and-want but only for short periods.

Jews - Buddhists - Hindus - Certain Pagan Groups (American Indians most Traditional Africans) are a "low-hell importance" lot of religions. They have all had their arses handed to them again-and-again-and-again.

Christians - Muslims - Certain Pagan Groups (Vikings for one) have been pounding the hell out of each other (as high-hell importance groups) and the other low-hell importance religions.